WWWWHHWS !? The plan of my tutorials

Warning : I’m French and I work my English by writing tutorials. Probably, my write is limited with some errors. Can you assist me in comment 😉 I am sorry for that 😀


So WWWWHHWS : What’s this ?

First, normally, you know the best “five W’s”…

– What?? you don’t know !? 😛
– In resume, It’s analysis method used in many domains, whose goal is make the turn of subject in five questions « Who, What, Where, When, Why ? »… for more informations, Wiki it’s your friend 😉

brief, here is the base that i reviewed in my own way for:

  • tutorials structural
  • treat subject correctly without forgetting
  • give maximum informations

But why,  can you think ?

By experience, i many see tutorials very interested but lacking procedure information, “why” and “for what purpose?”, or giving solution for problem without context.

My  WWWWHHWS detail


  • simply, the tutorial purpose

It is necessary to start with expose clearly the purpose, non ?


  • for why is destined the tutorial
  • the necessary competence for release
  • tutorial difficulty


  • tools and ressources nacessary + software and hardware context

Very useful step for know what you need before start

– What how that? we read tutorial before…
– OK, We all made it to start without reading, huh? 😛


  • dependences and software versions
  • variation risk in time

The famous when, It should be mandatory in all tutorials, how many time i blocked in obsoleted tutorials X(

How many?

  • release time
  • eventually price


  • the real tutorial (step by step)


  • Use case example
  • evolution possibility

Here, i can develop purpose, exposing my thoughts by writing tutorial, but also express my opinion and evolution perspective.


Finally, cite sources used in tutorial


My goal is to guide you, no direct you, to make you think about the evolution possibilities, but especially, to permit you adapting my tuto for your needs.
I encourage you also participating in comment, give your opinion and ask me on obscure elements of my tutorials.

« Have knowledge without sharing, Is to put oneself at the level of the one who has no ideas. »
– Thucydides; The history of the Peloponnesian War – Vth s. BC. J.-C – source